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Honda H’ness CB 350 FlashX Hazard Flasher


  • Suitable:- Honda H’ness CB 350.
  • Comes with a 3-year hassle warranty
  • Comes with 60 onboard blinking patterns | Water Resistant.
  • You can select quick/slow/patrolling flash patterns of your choice
  • Compatible with motorcycles having indicators with LEDs or regular bulbs
  • Delivery Time:- 4 To 9 Business Working Days.

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Honda H’ness CB 350 FlashX Hazard Flasher

Buy Now! FlashX Hazard Flasher For Honda H’ness CB 350. FlashX is a cool hazard flash module for your motorcycle which is a plug-and-play device that allows you to choose different combinations of blink patterns on your motorcycle. Stop worrying about cutting and splicing wires as this one just plugs into the stock socket of your motorcycle.

Too many switches on your handlebar and no more space to mount another ? problem solved !! We have integrated it with the stock indicator switches of your motorcycle with just a combination of right, left, and center clicks.

1. Features:-

  • Suitable:- H’ness CB 350

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3. Shipping & Delivery:-

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4. Return & Refund:-

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